Tree Surgery – Directional Felling

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When we are out working around Crosby, Southport, Formby etc… we get lots of people asking questions about what we do. Tree surgery can be challenging and one of the biggest challenges we encounter can be when we need to fell a large tree which is surrounded by property. Many jobs also involve working on busy roads in a time sensitive manner… it’s important to keep a calm head.

‘Directional felling,’ is the name of the process a tree surgeon uses to cut down a tree safely whilst ensuring it falls in the right direction away from expensive property, people, cars and power line etc… This is not a skill that can be perfected overnight and takes specialist training to master. We might make it look easy but tree surgery is anything but. Check out our Instagram where you can see some examples of directional felling….all of which was carried out without any harm to property, cars or people 🙂