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Tree Surgery and Home Insurance – do you know what you are covered for?

At Poplar Tree Solutions we sometimes get called out to provide quotes to remove windblown or storm damaged trees. Often home owners are stressed and worried at the thought of the expense involved in getting damaged trees removed. Did you know that most standard home insurance covers you to remove storm damaged trees around your property? You can normally claim for the damage caused to your house, garage or fences as well as to have the part of the offending tree above the ground safely removed. If you are unsure about whether or not you are insured why not give us a call on 07807 349 653 and we can advise you before you try and claim. Better still, complete our contact form and we will get in touch with you to assess the situation. 

Trees around your home can also cause problems below the surface. Roots grow much bigger than most people expect and it is important to consider how far away trees should be planted from your property to avoid complications. In extreme cases offending roots can actually cause subsidence and the problem may not always be apparent until it is too late. Again, if you are unsure about a tree near your home…..even if it is in your neighbour’s garden then get in touch and we will give you some advice. Some trees are subject to Tree Protection Orders and we can help you understand what you need to do if this is the case with your problem tree.

So remember….the price of your tree work may well be covered by your home insurance so contact us and we will help you understand the small print in your policy and if there is claim there…we will find it.

Thank you for reading Tree Surgery and Home Insurance 🙂