Tree Surgeon, Gardener or Arborist – What’s the Difference?

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At Poplar Tree Solutions we are based in Crosby, Merseyside and while there are many great gardeners operating in the area, we are the only specialist tree care company. Our team is led by arborists and tree surgeons, guaranteeing that your trees, vegetation and property are in the best hands possible. What is the difference between our guys and a gardener? Read on to find out what to expect from each:


  • Are responsible for cutting your lawn, seeding and scarifying
  • Cultivating borders, planting and pruning plants and shrubs
  • Watering your plants and maintaining the general health and appearance of your garden.
  • Generally use equipment such as lawnmowers and shears and secateurs.


  • Are adept at the planning and planting of trees and hedges. Caring for trees at every stage of their life.
  • Pruning of trees, including crown reductions using climbing equipment and sometimes cherry pickers.¬†
  • Directional felling of trees of all sizes without damaging nearby property, power lines or vehicles.
  • Stump grinding.
  • Use of heavy equipment requiring training qualifications such as chain saws and wood chippers.


  • Are able to carry out full tree inspections and surveys.
  • Can identify diseases in trees.
  • Can give specialist recommendations on how to treat failing trees or how to best plan tree planting and care to maximise tree health and beauty.

Both tree surgeons and arborists are able to identify dangerous trees which can include dying trees with weak roots or large storm damaged trees in urban or roadside areas. Many people take recommendations about their trees from a local gardener and are often disappointed when the tree dies or does not reach it’s potential as a result. This can be avoided by hiring a company who are qualified to give that advice.

Our tree surgeons and arborists know their prunus avium from their populus robusta and are available to help you make the right decision for your tree care for a fair and transparent price.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. We are available for domestic and commercial tree work, undertaking all aspects of tree care. We are also available for consultancy work and correctional work on every scale.