Caring for plants in hot weather

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So, it’s finally arrived after much waiting…..THE BRITISH SUMMER!! Our plants, lawn and trees have gone from wet, Arctic conditions to warm and dry in the blink of an eye. Here are some DO’s and DONT’s to keep your vegetation looking tip top in the heat:

Make sure you DO:

  • Water your plants daily….the best time is early morning and early evening to reduce moisture loss via evaporation
  • Put mulch down – this will lock moisture in your borders and provide a barrier between your top soil and the baking heat
  • Pay more attention to recently established plants in dry conditions

And definitely DON’T:

  • Water your plants during the middle of the day as this can actually scald and kill delicate leavesĀ 
  • Start digging around in dry soil too much – this will damage your soil structure

And remember…… trees provide shade for children and pets alike. Why not plant a garden friendly tree variety and invest in future summers in your garden? Trees, unlike pergolas and parasols not only provide shade but they improve the air quality in your garden, reduce wind speed noise pollution and much more….

At Poplar Tree Solutions we exist to keep your trees happy and safe. If you would like any advice about planting, maintaining or caring for your trees then contact the number one tree surgeon in Crosby, Merseyside HERE.