Ash Dieback: The Greatest Tree Disease Epidemic of Our Time

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At Poplar Tree Solutions we are very very interested in trees. We thought we would share a piece about how diseases from the far flung corners of the globe can affect our trees just like Covid has affected our people….. It’s a bit of interesting reading and you never know you might find out something useful.

Hymenosycphus fraxineus is a fungal infection originating from Asia and can be commonly found on trees such as the Chinese Ash. Usually referred to as Ash Dieback, it causes no serious harm to it’s original hosts as they have developed a natural defence to it’s advances. Sadly it’s a whole other story with the European Ash which cannot cope with the new infection as there has been no immunity developed over time. The contagion has had and continues to have a devastating impact on our Ash popluation and it is estimated that we will lose 80% of Ash trees in England as a result.

We have known about Ash Dieback since 2006 but it is thought that we will not see the true impact for some years to come. As the disease infects the trees slowly it can be very difficult to spot an infected tree. However there are some signs to look out for which are listed in detail HERE. If you think that you have spotted an infected tree then it is important that you act fast and report it to Tree Alert to help mitigate the spread of the disease in new areas. Like we have been tracking, tracing, closing borders….the same thing has actually been happening with our trees, you just didn’t realise.

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